Can't Find Files on MY CLOUD!


I’ve purchased a My Cloud from a friend to who has loaded it up with music.

However, when I access it from my home I can’t find any of the content.

Everything is telling my that I have 55% capacity but I can’t locatate not one single file!

Any ideas? I’ve tried restarting it (power on / off) with no avail.

I’ve also searched high and low via youtube and this forum and can’t find anything.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you have a My Cloud Home, you will need your friends username and password to access the content in their User Private Space or access the Public Share in macOS Finder or Windows Networking.

My friend was notified via email and accepted me to allow access to his content. However, I can’t see the content!

When I right click on the network drive there is 50% storage taken up but nothing with.

Would you suggest to restart the My Cloud process again?

If your has a My Cloud Home, your friend may have added you as a guest user.
You will not see his content as a guest user unless he puts the content in the Family Folder.
If he put the content in the Public share, you will not see it remotely, only using the Local LAN