Cant find driver for portable device

cant auto detect for xp and vista. device cant be use… pls advise.

Hi lspannie,

Please let me know the name of the device you are trying to find drivers for so I can get this moved in to the correct forum.



Go to Product Registration on

Login and register your product even if you’ve never registered it. Even if you believe the warranty is over.

There you will be able to access any original files/software/firmware that comes with your devices.

If the device was working on another pc or mac, then you may want to reconnect to that device and back it up from there. Just in case!


If want to reformat a drive that windows doesn’t recognize …find a mac and use the mac’s disk utilities to reformat to Fat format.

From there Windows should be happy and will let you reformat it to NTFS if necessary OR keep it at Fat so both systems can use it.