Can't find Deezer at my WDTV!

Hello all!

I have the latest firmware for my WDTV and I cannot seem to find the Deezer service, this service is totally available in Portugal, why isn’t available in my box? Can anyone help me? I bought this box almost specially for Deezer!

Thanks all!

I don’t see why it should not be either

Deezer is not limited to US

Try resetting or factory reset 

Indeed, but the fact is that it’s not there, and I can see that people have the same problem, from WD they don’t even awnsered yet my emails. So I am counting on the community help.

I have reseted, what is the diference between resetting or factory reset?

If I update the firmware will most likely do the same anyways…

Does anyone have an idea on what to do here? :frowning: