Can't find any network shares/servers

Well, it technically *does* work, but not the way it used to:

I used to use Twonky Media as my media server. I upgraded Twonky and the WDTV no longer sees it (my LG BluRay player and 2 dLink players do).

I installed Serviio. The WDTV saw it and worked great. Until I upgraded Serviio. Now it doesn’t see it, but every other media player does.

I enabled the media streaming on my Windows Home Server 2011 box. Again, everything sees it but the WDTV.

I set up folder shares specifically for the WDTV. It doesn’t see any of them, on any of my pc’s or the server.

The internet functions all work perfectly fine. Both Twonky and Serviio see the WDTV in the network, and I can see the WDTV in the network map.

Any idea what could be wrong???

Update: I plugged a portable drive into my Windows 7 PC and set up the media streaming for the videos on that drive. The WDTV found & plays them fine.

I also tried the ‘Network Shares’ and it works perfect as well.

This is goofy! I just want my server to be accessible!

Have you tried pressing the reset button on the bottom side?

There is no reset button on the bottom of this unit. I’ve done multiple factory resets from the setup menu.

Is there not a little hole for you to stic the end of a paperclip into? Mine has that (but ot’s hard to see unless you look closely in bright light)

Found the hole - it’s pretty well hidden. Going to try resetting now and will report back.

Used the reset button twice and it’s exactly the same, I can still only find my Windows 7 shares (file & media server), but it won’t detect anything coming from my WHS 2011 machine.