Can't Figure out how to retreive files

Hi - I have been running the WD Smartware (v1.6.0) to keep a running backaup of my data disk.  All seems to have been working well - no error messages, emails, etc…  Anyway my Data Disk failed and I have replaced it, but can’t seem to restore my backups.

On the home tab, I see my computer and select the correct disk, then select the My Book Live and the default directory.  This screen shows under the My Book Live that it sees Additional Files (841.7 GB).  I then go to the Retreive Tab but the backed up volumes tab is empty.  If I log into the drive under the settings tab, I can also see it is reporting having the files, but I can’t seem to get to them.

When I login into the drive via my browser, I can see the shares that I created, but am unable to see/find the default directory where my data is apparently stored.  I am probably doing something stupid, but I am tearing my hair out and beyond frustration.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Tom

The folder where your backup is saved is hidden. Check the link below so you can review the steps to recover your backup.

Thanks for the link, but it only addresses how to retreive files via WD Smartware.  That appears to be the broken part of this solution.

I went ahead and opened a case on this and learned how to “find” my files without WD Smartware.  The Support guy acted tlike this was a fairly common problem.  Told me to uninstall WD Smartware, reboot, download another copy, reinstall, reboot and then try again.  After another hour or more down the drain, I was still unable to see my backed up files via WD Smartware.  I was able to access the MyBookLive over the network and then copy the files manually.

While this will work, it certainly erodes my confidence in the WD Smartware solution for my critical storage needs.  Once I get everything back where it needs to be, I’ll do some more checking into the WD SMartWare backups.

This is not how I envisioned a drive failure would be handlled.