Cant fast forward or manage media on WD My Cloud 4TB

Hi I recently got WD My Cloud 4TB, I tried playing a movie on WD MY Cloud and realised I cant fast forward, pause or rewind. Is there a way  I can do that.

Hoping to receive a reply.



On what device are you playing the files? 

What kind of files are you playing?

Is the unit wired or wireless connected?

Thanks for the response. I am trying to play files through my Samsung Smart tv. It’s either MP4 or Avi files. So basically trying to watch movies stored on MY cloud through a smart tv. The are all wired on one network /router.
I am able to play the movie but when I try to use my Samsung remote to pause or fast forward the movie, it won’t work.

Alternatively I am able to connect a USB or external hard drive directly through the TV and the remote functionality of my Samsung tv is supported. I can pause or fast forward the movies.
let me know if it’s possible

I have the same issue as well and it’s incredible annoying, has there been any solutions to this?