Can't exit netflix?

I did a search for this and haven’t found anything. Sometimes I leave the hub on in the netflix and when I come back to the service I can play and use netflix; however I can’t seem to exit back to the home screen or power off the device. Anyone else see thi problem?

Just hit the HOME button.

Yes, I figured that out accidentally myself and the home button has worked for me. It brings a pop-up windows asking whether you want to exit netflix with yes and no options. Seems like one has to learn all these little quirks of the system to make it work; makes my wife prefer just connecting our laptop via HDMI out to our system and use that instead of the WD Live plus!

I must say the manual is pretty inadequate (was expecting better from WD) and I am grateful for this forum.


Sorry for the delay in responding. But, the home button doesn’t seem to work. Neither will the power or reset button. I have to pull the power out to be able to do anything but netflix.


I do see this on my Live Plus. I think there is some sort of bug with Netflix and the hibernation of the WD devices. I’ve learned to never leave it in the Netflix app, or it does prevent the clean exit when you come back to it. It has never annoyed me enough to post about it, but your problem is not unique to you and is probably a bug.As of yet, I have not duplicated it wwith any other app I use on the Live, they all seem to work properly if I walk away while they are open and then come back to them later.

Ahhh.   I think I know what you’re talking about, and it affects both the HUB and the PLUS…

If you turn OFF YOUR TV (or AVR) while in NetFlix, it may not perform and HDMI Resync or HDCP release when you turn it back on.   The result is that you’ll have NO VIDEO.

So, yeah, it’s not a good idea to turn things off when NetFlix hasn’t been exited.

Thanks for the responses. It looks like this is a bug that needs fixing. At least I’m not the only one.