Can't erase file "Apple Photo file"

I made a copy paste of my Photo Directory from my MAC to MyCloud Mirror.

When I try to open the file stored on MyCloud from my Mac using “Photo software” I have a message because the file is corrupted.
I tried to erase the Photo file from MyCloud Mirror but I can’t. I have a message “element PhotoGraph” is working so the file can’t be erased.

Do you have any solution for delating this file?

Many thanks,


It seems the photos are being used by the software. I would recommend that you erase the photo file from a different computer or device while your Mac is not connected to the My Cloud Mirror.

THanks Ryan. I think that the software that is running is the software from the NAS itself. Not the software from my MAC. WHich software is running on the NAS as a standard please ?

In addition, I’m searching for a software that I could RUN on my MAC is order to see the photo stored on my NAS. Does Western Digital offers software like that that could run on MAC ?
many thanks