Can't edit or delete files on new WD my passport 500

Hi Guys,

Have transferred flies onto my new WD HD from a windows laptop. I plugged the HD into a Mac - it allows me to view the files and open them, however it won’t let me edit, delete or add new files into the HD

Any ideas guys?


Hi, that happens because Macs cannot edit hard drives formatted on NTFS (Windows Format), to use it on your Mac and windows at the same time you can format it on FAT32 (has a 4GB limitation per file) or exFat. (compatible from Mac OS 10.6.4 forward, but no 4GB limitation per file), formatting the hard drive will delete all of your files, so do a backup first. Check the link below for the steps

There is also software for the Mac that will allow you to fully use the drive as is. Check this post message 6