Can't drag files to My Book on MAC

Just purchased the My Book 4TB and backed up my WIN7 PC. When I went to do the same on my MAC, the MAC recognized the MY Book, and I could read the files I backed up on the WIN7 PC, but when I tried to create a folder or drag on into the My Book, it wouldn’t let me.

Is there something special I need to do on the MAC to allow me to drag files to the My Book?

Thanks in advance for your help!


OSX 10.5.8


The reason why is not allowing you to drag the files is because Mac  computer uses a different file system to write on a hard drive.

The drive will show on the Mac as a read only drive that’s why you are able to read from it.

In order for you to use the drive on both systems, you will need to reformat the drive to make it fully compatible with Windows and Mac.

Please see the link below for direct instructions on how to do that.

Also note that formatting the drive will erase all the information that you currently have on the  external drive, so please make sure that you still have the information on both computers before you start the process of formatting.