Can't download WD Live TV Media Hub User Manual - get black screen from WD web site

I am trying to dowload the user manual for the WD TV Live Hub. When I go to the WD web site and into the support section and try to download, eveything looks fine until I choose language and the next screen is totally black.

Not sure why this is happening. Can someone send me a link to the user manual that works?


Download links from this page work fine for me.

Here’s the “English” Manual if you need it.

Joey - thanks! The 1st link came up with the same “black screen” I was getting. Not sure why that is happening, as I get the same direct from the WD site. The 2nd link worked - I appreciate the help! Have a great day!

Are you using Safari? I’ve had trouble lately when trying to view .pdf’s with Safari. I get a black screen.