Can't download WD Align

nvm found a link. WD, please make the align tool a public download.

exxas, WD Align is not a public download because it needs to confirm you are a rightful owner of a WD Advanced Format Hard Disk Drive, thus requires registration.


Which is, uh, kinda the point I was trying to make. If you don’t have an Advanced Format drive, the utility doesn’t allow you to do anything anyway, so you can’t make the argument that restricting the download of WD Align protects people from using WD Align on non-AF drives. I suppose restricting WD Align downloads to registered owners helps prevent confusion about who needs WD Align and who doesn’t.

Anyway found the link from another site. I’ll register the drive next time I have to go in my case.:slight_smile:

WD, I suggest you wise up and get customer focused. Hitachi align is a convenient public download.

hey, a company has the right to restrict a download if maybe they have to pay for it.  that’s only fair.  our company had to do it.


what drive are you using?  you have to put the serial number in for the drive to make sure that it has rights to that software, in order to download it.