Can't downgrade

Like most that have had issues with the latest firmware, I have tried to go back to a more stable one. I have downloaded both V1.5 and 1.4 . I have a 1gb usb stick . So here is my problem. The usb stick is totally empty. I have extracted the 3 files in there, but when I plug it into the WD the firmware upgrade window does not pop up. So then I tried putting the 3 files into a folder and same thing I don’t see any way to downgrade. What am I doing wrong. I really need to go back to an older one as ever since I upgraded the picture quality is very choppy . I can’t even use this thing the way it is.


Are you using the correct firmware and following these instructions?

Well it might help if I took the time to read…lol   You are right I was getting the firmware from the PLUS. Once I got the right one it’s now working…

Many thanks