Can't do much without internet?

This is not my first NAS I have purchased. For my personal use i have Synology DS214+. (with two 3TB WD RED). I got the EX2 for my Mother to backup her Files photos etc.
Now unfortunately without 24 hours internet access not much backup can be done???
She only needed to backup Locally!! on the same network.But for what ever reason EX2 needs to have internet access to locally access the EX2 from your iPhone using the WD Photo App??? Also windows cannot access EX2 on the network I get Error 0X80070035.
But as soon i connect the internet on the router (she using WiFi router with 3G connection) all is well.
How come??

Hi there,

How are you trying to do the backup on the unit? I would also like to know if it is from a computer or from her smartphone.


From her phone using the WD Photos app.
The EX2 only grants access if the network (WiFi) has internet access. Also if I want to view the folders using windows PC from the network folder it only open if internet access is available. Why if the WDEX2 is on the same network locally would internet access be needed?