Can't do a firmware upgrade WD3200BPVT-22JJ5T0

Hi everyone

I am helping a friend with its Acer Aspire laptop and some performance issues. I increased the laptop memory, updated the bios, defragmented the drive and installed all updates in Windows.

The laptop has a WD3200BPVT-22JJ5T0 internal drive. Acer shows on its support site for the laptop a firmware upgrade (version 9545) to increase the performance of the HDD. When I run the exe from the package, it does not find any valid drive.

I installed the WD Dashboard. It sees the drives and I can test it, but there is no tool to upgrade the firmware nor to see the version of it.

I searched the web and can’t seem to find a way to look for the firmware version nor a tool to upgrade it.

Windows sees the drive and shows the right model in properties.

Can someone help me with this?


Usually there are no firmware updates for internal HDDs. They only do it if there is a common serious problem that needs a firmware fix but that rarely happens! Anyway thats not going to improve your laptop speed. Replacing the drive with an SSD will make a big improvement in the laptop performance.