Can't disconnect drive safely

Hi, recently i can’t disconnect safely my external 1TB drive using extract button on the remote control. It works ok with usb pendrives and a few weeks ago it was working ok with my hdd, but now when i try to disconnect it the circle arrow appears and the device get blocked. So the only way to shutdown everything is to disconnect the power cord.

Any suggestions?

My firmware versión is 1.13…


WD fixed this in the newer firmware

Nope, happened to me on 1.14.09 yesterday.

Yesterday i did a reset back to factory settings and now it is workin again :slight_smile:

I won’t try the latest firmware it seems to be very buggy.


It’s only worked fine once after I upgraded to new firmware, after that it’ll stuck everytime I try.

This also my problem with previous firmware, my only problem tho.

Doesn’t work for me either. I have 1.14 firmware. When the mediaplayer fails to eject the drive, only option is to turn off (>5 sec). Then I must checkdisk with Windows to repair possible damage. It’s a very anoying bug and it makes the player very unreliable! After all, precious data must be save at all times.