Cant delete weird folder/share

I used to connect a Freecom hard drive to the usb slot on my WD Mycloud drive, and the Freecom drive used to show up as another folder on the WD drive. After a while, when I turned on the drives, the Freecom folder wouldn’t open (possibly due to a fault with the drive/cable which I haven’t investigated yet) so I disconnected the Freecom drive. Now the WD drive works ok, but there are a number of folders labelled Freecom HD, which I cannot delete.

When I do a properties on them, it appears that they are partitions(?). I cannot delete them using the WD program, and I cannot delete them using teh Windows disc management program. I haven’t got enough storage elsewhere to move all the data from the drive and reformat, so can you tell me if there is another way of getting rid of these weird folders/partitions?

Have you tried unmounting the USB drive? There’s a little ‘eject’ icon lurking in a dialogue if you click the USB symbol at the top of the Dashboard. I suspect if there has been an issue with the USB connection, the MyCloud has got confused, and thinks its still mounted.

If that doesn’t work, try escalating resets (4 second, 40 second).

I haven’t tried unmounting the drive, I’ll give that go.

If that doesn’t work, can you explain exactly what “escalating” resets is? Is it, literally reset after 1 second, then 2 etc, or have I misinterpreted?

There are four levels of restoring behaviour to the MyCloud , each getting more aggressive. The first is a simple 4-second reset. Next is a 40-second, applying-power reset, which performs a System Factory Restore. Next is a Quick Factory Restore, which deletes user data, and finally, a Full Factory Restore, which deletes and securely overwrites data. See the User Manual for details.

You should try the first two only, since you don’t want to delete data.

OK, thanks I’ll have a read-up.