Can't delete read-only file message

does this happen to anyone else?

heres an example of my folder set up:


–30 Rock


now evertime I watch an episode I move it to the ‘Watched’ folder, but every now and then I get a “Can not delete read-only file” during the move process.

It still moves the episode fine but if I’m moving multiple episodes it’ll stop moving them once that pops up and I’ll have to select the other episodes to move again. somtimes it happenes to every episode so moving a bulk of say 10+ episodes is a chore.

the weird thing is all my shows, movies too aren’t read only when I plugg the hdd in my laptop to view them.

is this normal behavior? it’s been like this since 1.03.10

So far so good in my case

hopefully some one else will chime in

it’s funny I posted this and it hadn’t happened since, then this morning while moving 13eps it does this on the 10th episode. don’t understand this…