Can't delete files on Public Share, on Private share it's working :S


I’m having issues by mapping the Public share…I don’t have any access by mapping the Private shares and I’ve got the right authorization there.

But it seems that when I map the Public share, I don’t have the right authorization to delete, but I can add/copy files…

I’ve added the right password in the manage passwords in Win 7.

And I don’t have too many adaptors set in the device manager, just the right one. Any help? Now I add files through the share and delete them with WinSCP with root author.

Windows has trouble with multiple connections to the same network device. If you want to access a share that’s private, you’ll have to remove the password Windows has associated with the drive first. You can do this a couple of ways. The easiest is to restart Windows after disconnecting all “Mapped Network Drives.” The fastest way is to create an elevated command prompt and type (without the quotes) “net use /del *”

type “Y” when it asks if you’re sure.

You’ll then need to reconnect directly to the private share by typing \mybooklive\sharename in the search box under Start (or Run if you use the old school theme). It should then accept your password.


I’m not having any problem with the private share…just the public one.

The problem is, that the private one can ‘Only’ be accessed with a user/pass and the public one can be with both I guess. So that’s the problem.

If you want to access the Public share fully, then flip my suggestion around. Remove all Private share maps and connect directly to the Public share. It’s a hassle, but that’s Windows for you. I’ve seen the issue in XP, Vista and 7. In XP and Vista you could map the Public share to the drive IP and the rest of the private shares to the drive name, but in 7 you can’t always get that to work. It’s worth a try, though.