Can't delete files on My Book World Edition II


maybe someone have the answer.

I have several old backups on my WD book using a lot of space. Since I moved to Time Mashine the old Memeo backups can be erased. But somehow it doesn’t work…

I can erase file by file but not whole folders and subfolders. As the backups consist of more than 100000 files the file by file way is just not doable.

Have tried using Finder and Pathfinder. Tried logged in using SMB protocoll. Does not work. I’d rather not reformat the disc as I use part of it as a fileserver and then have to copy a LOT of files back and forth… I’m not that familiar in Terminal commands. Is this the solution?

Any ideas please?

/// Fredrik

Hi, what message do you get when you try to delete the whole folder? Be sure to close the memeo backup software before trying to delete the backup folder.