Can't delete files from a MyBook World network drive

I copied some files from a USB drive plugged into the MyBook USB port to the Download Share folder on the MyBook World using the Copy Manager built into the MyBook and now I can’t get rid of them.

There doesn’t seem to be a function from within the MyBook admin menu for deleting files and when attempting to delete them through windows 7 it tells me I need permission from Unix user/root. 

I also can’t seem to take ownership of the files.  When I try to grant permissions it tells me “access denied”

Which my book are you using? Can you please state the model number?

What is you operating system? Windows? Mac?

Same thing happening with me.

Mybook world edition 1Tb, running on Mac OS X 10.6.6. When trying to delete an .avi movie file it gives me the message:

The operation can’t be completed because the item “…” is in use.

which of course is not the case.

Really annoying as I now have a folder full of stuff that I can’t delete.

Any suggestions?

On a Mac, the connection to the NAS is via AFP. I couldn’t delete files but was able to do so once I connected through a Samba protocol.

In finder, click Go, Connect to Server.

Enter smb://MyBookLive/Public

or MyBookWorld, etc.

Try to delete the files again.

NB. You’ll see a file named _VUC6~7 or similar appear in your directories. Think this is just a Unix file which can’t be deleted. Don’t worry about it.