Can't delete files after power outage stops transfer

After buying a larger My Book, I started transferring folders from my older smaller external. Our local power went out for a few hour while I was transferring a rather large file.

Once I got power back and started my computer I discovered that the system was changed somehow. When I opened the My Book I got a pop up from Windows saying I needed to click on a scan and fix OR skip that option.

If I use the skip option I get an access denied.
If I use the scan and fix, it gives me access to the external and the folders and files are okay except I am unable to delete any of them. When I right click something there is no option to delete shown. If I use the “organize” at the top left of the window the drop down menu shows the options and delete shows up but it is grayed out and not bold type like the other options.

I’d appreciate how to learn how to fix this situation.

Try doing scan directly through Window File Explorer.