Can't delete device-bug in cloud access tab

Suddenly a device appeared in the list of cloud devices under the tab “cloud access”…

Date is 1970 so definatly some kind of bug.

Can’t remove it, gives error “user-id is missing”.

I don’t think it affects the system but I want get rid of it without to reinstall all the data.

I already restored the system and reinstalled latest firmware (the buggy one :s )

There’s two ways to correct that…

First is to do a SYSTEM ONLY RESTORE.   Read the documentation.

Second is to manually delete the invalid entry via SSH.

***bleep***, thought I take the secure way and do a system only restore which is completed fine but now I get errors for

registering my account because the **bleep** WD servers are down…

well, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Guess what… trying to reconnect the devices (tablet & smartphone) - fails because of the WD servers down,

and the 1970 entry is back!

30 years ago they go to the moon and today they can’t make a simple working webserver.

When a cloud becomes a planet you’re [Deleted]…

This software is buggy as **bleep**…