Can't delete backup from WD Mt Book Studio

Hi, I am using WD My Book Studio in conjunction with a MAC airport Extreme.  I have received an error message saying a back can’t be conducted because the my book studio volumes can’t be deleted.  I have gone into My Book Studio in finder and found the backup volume and tried to delete it manually.  I get an error code as per the message below.

“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50).”

Has anyone any ideas?

Many thanks in advance


Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

Were you using the time machine backup or the a different app?

Make sure that the backup software that you used is not running on the background.

Hi there.  I am using an Airport Extreme box connected to the My Book Studio Box.  I backup using Time Machine.  If I delete the files in the My book Studio I can do a complete backup.  When the hourly backups start I just get the error message

"Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “*** Airport Extreme.  The backup disk image “/volumes/My Book Studio-1?My iMac (2).sparsebundle” could not be accesses (error(null)).”

Any help would be gratefullly appreciated.