Can't "Cut" and select "Multiple folders" on WD My Cloud


I have found more bugs on EX2. This would be the multiple FOLDER selection in EX2 via WDMyCloud. I am not able to select multiple folders via the WD My cloud that I installed on my windows Desktop.

Secondly, I cannot perform a “Cut” command. There seem to be an error when I wan to perform a cut command on a folder.

All these are common functions that WD staff can easily rectify it. I won’t deny that there are other more complex function that exist within the EX2 which is great. But missing out these BASIC functions is really a pain in the butt. 

To move a folder from my EXT HD which is attached to the EX2, I would need to copy the folder in my EXT HD to a destination in the EX2 and than return to the EXT HD to delete it. I can’t use the “CUT” function. And Imagine I have 40 folders to move and I can’t do a select all folder. With that, I would need to copy, paste, and delete for each and every folder.

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Are you selected root folders (Shares) or folders within said Shares?