Can't create new share on MyCloud

I cannot create new shares on my MyCloud: I can press the + button on the Shares, put the settings in, and it appears on the list for as long as I’m on the Shares tab, but the share is not created (or is not visible over the network) and if you change tab and come back again it has gone.

What could I be doing wrong?



Are you logging in as the administrator?

For my situation a share was created for each user created, TimeMachine Backup, plus on for my always connected USB3 drive

Yes, I’m logging in as the adminstrator. We currently have six shares.

I’ve found a second problem in that the drive was claiming to be full (so not letting me create folders in shares), despite the web dashboard giving 1.3TB free (681G in use) which I think is about right. I deleted about 70M of data and it will let me replace that, but no more.

Ok, I think I may have found it. I tried emptying the recycling bin (even though it was turned off on all shares) and that seems to have fixed it.

If this is the problem, then whoever designed the web dashboard ought to be taken out and shot, frankly.

What My Cloud do you have? The single bay My Cloud units (the general topic of this subforum) do not have a “recycle bin” option/feature. Generally once you delete a file from the single bay My Cloud it is gone forever, it does not go into a recycle bin on one’s computer.

If you are using WD Sync there is a well discussed issue in these subforums where that software will fill the My Cloud hard drive with files in a hidden folder(s) that are not normally visible unless you view hidden folders or use SSH to see the hidden folders.

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You did click on SAVE after creating the share? Under the Shares tab see, Help>Creating a Share.