Can't create image on NAS for iPhoto/iMovie libraries

Apple’s iPhoto and iMovie libraries cannot exist on NAS. An Apple Partition Map (I want to create a sparse disk image) must be created on NAS for these Apple products to see it as an Apple formatted drive. Apple’s Disk Utility does not recognize the My Cloud drive, so I created a sparse disk image on another external drive and attempted to copy it to My Cloud, but it will not copy. Is there a ways to put an Apple sparse disk image on My Cloud?

You could try checking the Apple support communities to see if there’s a way to accomplish this.

Unless of course, other users on the community have already tried this and chime in with more info.

Another WD employee I spoke to yesterday knows about iPhoto and told me the correct library file name and said I should be able to move it to the NAS.  I was able to move it and it opens fine in iPhoto when double clicking the library file.  Thanks.