Can't create direct connection to PC

Last year, I bought a 2TB MyBook Live. Since then, I’ve been using so much, that I need another one, so I recently bought one more. Since I’ve never experienced any problem with the old drive, I thought I’d be the same with the new bad boy. Not quite so. So, I can make pretty much anything with the new MBL when bridged through my router, however, under some situations, I need to plug my drive directly to my Windows XP computer. I just can’t make it work. Here’s what I’ve got so far: - Model is same as old MBL (I can see differences in the interface, but I think it’s just the most recently version) - Configuration is same as old MBL (only exception is Mionet, can’t find the option in new one): DHCP, FTP - Cable is same as old MBL - I’ve tried restarting the computer with the new MBL plugged into ethernet port. Nothing I’m mostly sure the new device should be able to perform such a simple action. Any comment is welcome. Thanks in advance, guys.

Try connecting the new drive, changing the name on the web interface and mapping