Can't create and save system report

Has latest firmware - MyBookLive 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W
Hooked up via Cat5 Cable to Cat5-USB adapter to Windows 10 CPU
Drive is NOT connected to Router, but directly to CPU via USB-Cat5 adapter

Can’t create and save system report.
Say’s its creating report, but then just stops and goes back to the SUPPORT page with no open dialog to save the report, like another drive I just did the other day.

Tried power cycle
Tried reset button

Trying to access the SMART data

Any ideas.

Hi @szchris384,

Please refer below link how to Access a My Book Live When Connected Directly to a Computer:

Please refer below check how to Collect My Book Live or My Book Live Duo System Logs:

Thank you for the reply.
I’ve already attached the drive directly to the computer as stated in my original post.
I’ve already tried to collect the system log as stated in my original post.
-When I click “Create & Save” the spinning Please Wait message shows.
After a few minutes, the Please Wait message goes away and no dialog box to save the log file shows up.

I’ve done this with other MyBookLive’s and have no trouble saving the log files.
This particular MyBookLive won’t save a log file.

Any other suggestions

Hi @szchris384,

Please refer below link to contact support team to help you with trouble shooting steps:

When I login and try to create an “Ask a Question”, I fill out all the fields and it says to “Please correct the following error(s):- Operating System is required”

There is no field to enter an Operating System. !
Thus, I can’t submit the question, see uploaded snippet of screen.

Any Ideas?