Can't create a new shared public folder to share my pictures on WD Photos

Hi All, I’ve posted this question in an open thread, but nobody replied so I am opening a new one because I still stuck with this problem, I’m having a problem with the pictures location. I probably deleted the original Public/Shared Pictures folder without knowing what I was doing. After that I’ve tried to create a folder with the same name, i.e…, Public/Shared Pictures, but the pictures still not showing on WD Photos. I know that I have to share the folder, but I don’t see this option when I right click on it. Does any one know how to make that work? I’ve tried even to format my drive, as I read this recommendation in another thread, but this function itself seems to have a problem and nothing happened at all. Any help would be highly appreciated.

The Shared Pictures folders has special permissions, the only way to have it back is performing a Reset to Factory Defaults, or a Full reset in you have a My Book Live or Live Duo.

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I Have a WD TV LIVE Hub full of media.

  1. This reset will format my drive?
  2. The name of the folders is important? As I explained before I had to create the folder and I am not sure if I am using the right name.



Thanks for your help. I reset the drive through the settings menu but nothing happened (I`ve tried later a hard reset with a paper clip too). It was supposed to recreate all the folders? Can I delete everything in the drive and try a reset? It will rebuild all folder structure and original files?

Please, confirm if the information I saw in the forum is correct. The pictures must be on the folder “Public/Shared Pictures”? Why it does not work when I create it? What else I have to do?

Please help.