Can't copy files from my , MYCLOUD back to my p.c / Laptop

Hi All,

I  installed some backup files at mij Mycloud ( 4T ) but it’s not possible copy these files back from this Mycloud to my P.C

I can only read the files , i get an error pop up , with follow text:



Can some one advice me , what to do

Thanks in advance,

Patrick , NL

How did you copy the files to the NAS? Using the WD Desktop app or mounted shares?

Or did you sue Windows Explorer and mapped network drives on your local network?

This error seems to indicate the former case, where WebDav is involved…


I upload these files via , Windows Explorer and mapped network drives on my local network.



Did you try to reboot the NAS and copy back again?

I am puzzled by the error code

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Hi ,

I reboot the NAS, all is working well now !!

Thanks for your support,