Can't Copy files form hard drive to PC


I just recived my hard drive from diagnostics and they said that everything is OK with the drive. Still I can not copy large file from hard drive to my PC last size that copyed was 700MB, but it did not copyed 1GB sized file. Diagnosticks said that I might have some file with too long name or I dont have administrator rights. How can I find this long file name or what did he meant with that.

Sorry about my mistakes in english.

Can somebody help me???

well when someone says that the file name is to long it means the folders and sub-folders that the file is in are to many.

Try removing all the files from the unit and reformat the drive and try that again.

How can I remove the files if I can not copy them nowhere. I need to find this long file name, but I dont know how do i find this file.