Can't copy files between shares

Just realized I cannot just copy some of my files between shares on WD My Cloud… I receive error messageas as .wdmc already exists or filename too long or error -enter number here. Rebooted the drive to no avail. I must admit I am honestly tired of this thing now. This is most basic operation really… just copying files.


How about posting some images of what you are getting.


If you have Windows 7 or 8 use PSR ( Problem Steps Recorder) to record your problem and send the results to Western Digital.


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cat0w (USA)


I am on Mac os X 10.9.2

Maybe someone using an Apple computer can help you out. My old Macintosh is too old (OS9) and does not work on my network.

For images I do recommend Snapz Pro, however it is not free.
I have an older version on my old Mac.

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cat0w (USA)