Can't connect TV (Samsung ue40es6300) to MyCloud Home Duo


I’ve just bought a Home-Duo to use along with an old Cloud Home device that’s worked fine for a long time.

With the old device it appears on my network as a folder, and I’m able to browse on my TV (Samsung ue40es6300) to the films, and it plays them without any hassle.

But there’s no device appearing for the Home-Duo on my TV!
Windows used an app to map a drive letter to it, but it doesn’t appear in “Network” on Windows either!

Is it at all possible?

I didn’t want to use the Plex system for two reasons:
1: Everyone is familiar with browsing folders already, so there’s nothing new to learn.
2: Plex refuses to connect to the internet, even though my TV has internet access.

Please help!


You could refer to the following link: