Can't connect to WDMyCloud

Hello, I’ve recenetly installed a WDMyCloud and it works great within my home. However when I turn off WiFi on my phone I can’t get to the files from there, I get a 905 Communications Error.

When I’m at work I try to access the drive by going to adn logging in but I can’t get to the files that way. It appears that the login is successful “I get a signing in message” but then it says “Can’t connect to WDMyCloud.”

I also tried accepting the devices’s security certificate but no luck.

I know that I enabled the cloud on the drive itself. I’m using a Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.,

Same problem here! Very annoying. If you get an answer, send it to me, and I’ll do likewise!
I’m using an AT&T Uverse modem with a Netgear Ethernet switch and cable in series, like I’ve been told to. I can access Mycloud via my desktop with no problems but no matter what I do when I sign in to the iPhone app, it tries to connect to Mycloud and eventually reports “cannot connect to this device” or words to that effect. Very annoying!

Heve either of you turned on Cloud Access in your My Cloud and made sure your My Cloud is setup properly according to the user manual?

Yes I have.

Another issue people have is using Verizon, so search forum for key word Verizon for some clues. I have Comcast and no problemo.