Cant connect to WD

Dear All,
I have a problem with 1 computer that connect to network.
This one computer ( let’s say computer A) cant connect to WD IP address, while this computer a can connect to another Shared folder in anoter computer.
I also have several computer that connect to network (lets say computer B and C), already can connect to this WD IP address, and access the shared folder.

why I can’t connect to this WD Mycloud from computer A?

Best Regards

Who knows…your question is so general, that it’s hard to guess why.

And before I proceed, my question is…you mentioned WD My Cloud…do you have the My Cloud or the My Cloud EX2? Please be aware, if you have the My Cloud and not the EX2, then you are in the wrong subforum…this subforum is for EX2

Post more details, like what OS you are using for computer A versus what OS you are using on computers B & C, what exact error are you getting, post a screenshot of the error, etc., etc.

The more details you post, the higher the chance that someone can shed some light on your problem. Right now you have hardly shared anything specific. Screenshots are really useful.

Also, you asked last week if EX2 would be a good NAS for 30 simultaneous users…and I had mentioned that it wouldn’t be…so I am surprised to see you with a question on EX2. So you went ahead and bought one anyway??

Thank’s Cybernut1,

Yes, it is WD My Cloud EX2, and yes, I bought it one, but, I only use this one for 10 user.

the problem is occured on a Windows Vista computer (B).
the other computer (B, C, D) using Windows XP, Vista, And Windows 7.

From Computer A, I can Ping to WD MyCloud EX2, But when I call it from Windows Explorer it gave me

“\192.168.xx.xx is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this this resource…   The remote procedure call failed and did not execute”

You said computer B is Vista…but I believe you meant computer A is Vista, right?

Obviously looks like it is a permissions issue.

Have you checked if computer A is using an username that matches with one of the usernames you have setup on EX2 and granted read (or read-write) permission on that share with that username?

Computer A and Computer B are using Windows Vista,
but computer B can connect and open the shared folder, while A can’t

This error message come out before it ask username and password.

Well, there is obviously some difference between the two Vista PCs. This is clearly a Windows issue rather than an EX2 issue. Troubleshooting it will require narrowing down what difference is. But I’d still make sure that the question I asked in my previous comment is answered, even if error message comes before any prompt. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Sorry.

many Thanks Cybernut1