Can't connect to WD My Cloud on home router

I’ve brought my wd mycloud home and am using the same computer as I use at work to connect to it, but a different router why can’t i connect to the my cloud?
I want to be able to use the My Cloud at work and home.

Usually under network I just select My Cloud and I can see all my files. Now at home it is listed under Network, Storage, but just takes me to a website with settings not my folders.

Hoping someone can assist.


Because you have a My Cloud Home you should see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home. This subforum (My Cloud) is for a completely different device.

If using Windows 10 see the following even though some of it may apply to the My Cloud rather than My Cloud Home:

I think it is just a My Cloud that I have. I meant I brought it to my physical home location, usually it’s at work.
I’ve confirmed SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support is ticked already.
Any other suggestions.
Is there a cord that comes with it that I can just plug into my computer for direct access rather than having these issues trying to connect via the router?


If you are using windows PC. Run the command arp -a It will show all of the mac addresses that it knows about. Look to see if it has the mac address of the WD My Cloud. If it does then the ip address of the device will be displayed before the mac address.

@SWPT Does your My Cloud show in File Explorer>Network? If no, then reboot your router, does it show in your router as being in your network? If yes, then see if it shows in File Explorer>Network. If it’s still not showing reboot your computer. Try File Explorer again.

What are all of the LEDs doing on your My Cloud?

You may have to reset the cloud drive for your home network. Use a pin to push into the reset hole on the back. Unplug power, push in reset button while plugging in power, keep holding for 45 seconds, release pin and wait until the blue light stops blinking. This may take up to 15 mins. Go through setup again. YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR DATA! You may have to recreate your account and add a password.