Can't connect to server to update firmware

I bought a NIB MyCloud and am trying to update the firmware but it keeps failing to connect to the server. Firmware version is 2.10.310 which appears to be way older than what is currently available.

Is there a way to get this to work?

You should open a support ticket with WD Tech.

That firmware does not appear to be one for the My Cloud Home which is the subject of this subforum. The My Cloud Home runs on a different CPU, memory, HDD, emmc and OS than the one you wrote and is completely incompatible. You should head to the My Cloud Mirror’s legacy forum.

I apologize if I’m in the wrong place. The WD website says this is a My Cloud Home NAS drive

Is this not a My Cloud Home drive?

No. Unfortunately the confusion is all too common but it needs the word 'Home" written on it. The My Cloud Home has a white body top half, and a silver body bottom half. None of the other My Cloud ‘siblings’ looked like that.

Just click on the My Cloud Mirror link on top and it will take you there. There are at least two generations of the My Cloud Mirror, so copy down the actual model number and ask the good folks over there about it.



Western Digital Product Software Downloads (

Where do you see this showing as a My Cloud Home?

Thank you. Fortunately, my drive isn’t so old it is no longer supported but it is old enough I have to do the upgrade in stages.

Have a good day!