Can't connect to Network Shares after restart

Hi All, new owner and had a question regarding network shares.  I purchased the WDTVLive to play content from a Synology NAS, after first setting it up, it found the Network Share and allowed me to play content.   I have a username/password for the WDTVLive to use for read/write access for the Media Library functionality.  

I’m having an issue though if I restart the WDTVLive, it can no longer find ANY network shares ( not just the one I’m looking for ).  I have to do a full factory reset, and then it sees the shares immediately.  I am only attaching to a single share, so I do not understand how it could be getting confused.   I have the latest firmware ( 1.07.18 )

Try this:

Go into network settings, and note the WORKGROUP name.

Edit the workgroup name and just add a letter to it.  Like “WORKGROUPA”

Then immediately change it back to what it was before.

Granted, this isn’t a good workaround, but just a datapoint that might help find the problem.

Thanks Tony, I’ll try that some time soon to test it out.   Is this an issue that others have had in the past?

A few have posted similar issues, but not many.