Can't Connect to neighbour's wifi

Hi-Is there any way of connecting my WDTV Live Hub version 2.03.24 to my neighbour’s wifi? She’s supplied me with her password and I connect my laptop OK-I’m running windows 7. I’ve entered IP addy, subnet, gateway and DNS details into the device and it accepts the details but nothing happens and the info isn’t saved when I leave the page-ie, it asks for the info all over again. What am I doing wrong? Can I connect  my laptop to it and connect that way?

Please help-I’m a real noobie-



This is the wrong forum for help with your device…this forum is for the previous generation devices

What wireless adapter are you using on your Hub?

 Can I connect  my laptop to it and connect that way?

Potentially, but that’s a fairly complex procedure, and sort of out of scope for this forum.  It requires a lot of configuration on the laptop, probably not the best thing for a “real noobie” to undertake without serious guidance.

Have you tried the simple way of connecting without entering all the details. Just connect and password.

If the signal is too weak you will have a hard time getting past the authentication process. Even if you do connect you will have very bad performance trying to stream much of anything over a weak wifi signal.


Many thanks for your posts-

I don’t have a wireless adaptor on my hub and I’m not sure what  is meant my entering my password as I haven’t used my hub to connect to the net-(password into what/where?) I use it just as an avi library for movies connected to the tele. I’d ideally like to connect to the net to download new themes as I’m stuck with Mochi default.-That’s all I want. I’m quite happy ripping and watching movies that way and don’t need access to streaming or youtube etc .

I have tried manually inputting all network access details for my neighbour’s connection but the hub doesn’t pick it up. Perhaps it is the signal. I usually can get 2-3 bars on her net connection through my laptop and it connects at around 54mbps. Too weak? (She has unlimited downloads or she wouldn’t have been so nice!)

I have tried connecting the laptop viewing hidden files but the hub isn’t detected. I connected via a male to male usb cable but perhaps that’s also incorrect.

Any ideas on extra devices or what I might need? All I’d really like is to download new themes. I did try downloading them onto flash drive but the hub didn’t pick them up-they were just listed as useless files on the device.

Any tips would be appreciated.



Bohemian wrote:

I don’t have a wireless adaptor on my hub

Well, that’s a problem.  How are you expecting to connect your hub to your neighbor’s WiFi if you don’t have a WiFi adapter for it?

Hi-(I did say I was a relative newbie!)

The last time I was connected to the net at home it was via a screeching modem sometime in the dark ages so the world of wifi and ethernet etc is a new world.

     TonyPh12345 wrote: How are you expecting to connect your hub to your neighbor’s WiFi if you don’t have a WiFi         adapter for it?

Well, since I can connect to her wifi via my laptop without a usb adaptor or dongle,  I thought the hub may do the same-but I did wonder which is why I tried connecting my laptop to the hub and logging on to her network that way. The manual the hub came with is remarkably similar to some Egyption hieroglyphics I’ve seen…ie nothing really of substance at all and no help in any way and the blokes where I bought it from completely in a daze about any extra equipment I might have needed hence my coming here. I gather the hub doesn’t have an inbuilt wifi adaptor of its own as a PC does.

When connected to my latop the hub doesn’t show as a connected device anywhere even when I activate hiddden folders. Is there anything I can do about  that and if I can’t, can I still upload themes onto the hub from my flash drive?



OMG, you need a crash course on wifi technology. Your laptop has a built-in wifi adapter, that’s how it connects to your neighbor’s network. The Live Hub does not have built-in wifi, you have to buy an adapter from the approved list at the top of this forum. You then will need to input the proper password and network info to get connected, but as I said, since the signal will likely be weak you probably won’t have much luck streaming anything via the Live Hub. Until the Hub is connected you won’t be able to see it on the network with your laptop.

But you do not have to connect the Hub to the internet to update it! You can buy a USB memory stick/thumb drive, whatever you want to call it, and download the Firmware updates on to it from your wifi PC. Then plug the memory thing into the USB port on the Hub. It will appear to the Hub as another drive that has been connected. If you have Auto Update turned on the Hub will automagically install the new Firmware from the USB memory thing. It’s also a good way to copy your video files to the Hub.

But, you have a LOT of things to learn before you start tinkering with themes and getting them installed on the Hub…

The Hub CAN be, I do it a lot, connected to your PC/Laptop with just a piece of CAT5 cable.

um…well guys I did say I did wonder that it may have been the case that the hub didn’t have a wifi adaptor which is why I connected  my latop.:wink: I am pretty savvy with the computer just not used to wifi. I uploaded 838GB of movies via an external drive and added the rest over time via my flash drive-so yes, it is a very quick way of adding video files.

I will look into a CAT5 cable-I tried connecting with a male to male usb but the comp didn’t pick it up. Many thanks for that info.

I’m a bit embarassed about not having wifi etc as I made a choice not to be over-run by technology a while back which is why I said I was a newbie. I am only just getting a mobile phone for emergencies as I hate the buggers-:angry: I do know my way around my computer. I always wanted a media player for all my video files-I just had to wait for them to invent it! I have had auto update on the hub turned off as there was no point but will turn it on when needed.

Curious tho, none of my avi files have been downloaded or streamed but ripped and copied from VHS (old and rare) so they won’t have any info attached-I am assuming movie sheets etc in a theme will be useless. Non-Movie sheet themes would be better in my case or should I not bother if all my vids are rips.? Just tired of Mochi-

Cheers and thanks,