Can't connect to my WD My Book World edition

I can’t connect to my WD My Book World edition since we got a new router. I’ve tried everything with the router. It seems like WD-book talks an older dialect in the LAN, so to speek…

I’ve also tried to update the WD-book, but the img-file that I found after a lot research didn’t open with the three img-readers I’ve installed…

The only way for me right now to access all my files on the WD-book is to connect it directly to the Lan-port in the computer.

What to do?

Older dialect LAN? :grinning:
Nah, TCP/IP has not changed for ages, unless you router is IPv6. Unheard off for Home LANs. For WAN possible.

However, there have been reports on some of the newer WD’s NAS devices, not being visible after getting a new router from ISP. Get a switch in between and see if it helps as mentioned in Can’t connect My Cloud Using ATT Uverse 1Gig Fiber Service.