Can't connect to My Passport Wireless' private network from my smartphone

I bought a My Passport Wireless one year ago and I’ve been working with it via its private connection from many of my smartphones before. Today I found that my smartphone (Xiaomi Mi Max) cant connect to my MPW’s private connection, it keep asking me for wifi password while I’m 1000% sure I entered the right wifi password (ie. my MPW’s private network password).
My Mi Max also cant connect to my MPW via my wifi router. I even have changed my Mi Max’s wifi frequency range to “2.4 Ghz only” in which MPW’s network frequency works, but still no such luck.

It’s strange since everything just worked well with my laptop which runs Windows 10 Pro, I can easily connect to my MPW’s private network from my laptop with just the same wifi password I entered in my Mi Max.
My MPW firmware version is v1.07.02

Do you have any solution to this issue?

Since the drive works fine with other devices, you need to focus on the WiFi settings on the Mi Max. The Passport only supports WPA2 Personal encryption. Check to make sure you have the correct encryption settings on the Mi Max. Also check to see if the MI Max supports WPA2 encryption. If that doesn’t resolve the connection issue then there has to be another compatibility issue that would need to be investigated and I would suggest contacting Western Digital.

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I’ve tried that, but unfortunately that method didn’t work for me. I also have set MiMax encryption setting to WPA/WPA2 PSK but it gives me just the same result.
Seems like MiMax is not compatible with MPW. I will post it here if I make any good progress.
Thank you for helping me Timothy. :thumbsup:

Hi eastown ,

We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!