Can't connect to my network share folders while sharing my WD 3TB internal drive

Hi folks,

as the topic already says, i cannot connect to my network share folders on my WD TV Live HD (latest firmware), while i share a folder on my WD 3TB drive on my PC. When i try to acces my network shares (via Cable, not WLAN) he loads forever and finally gives me an error report. When i disable the share folder on my 3TB drive the connection works. i’m using several 1,5-2,0 TB WD internal drives in my PC, which make no problems using network shares, just when i add a share folder on my 3TB drive…

OS: Windows 7 x64 (the WD drives were all formatted correctly with the windows 7 data storage management , just like the tutorial on the WD homepage tells.)

Can anybody help? As far as i know WD drives bigger than 2 TB should work on the WD TV Live HD…(or just via USB?!)



Well…i finally fixed it by myself, obviously the WD TV just needed to be resetted, unplugged from power and restarted several times until it finally magically finds my 3TB drive…not the first time my WD TV is making trouble for nothing while using network shares…