Can't connect to My Cloud on computer

On a roku or other streaming device I can access my cloud no problem. However on my pc I cannot access my cloud through any method (windows program or IP address). It doesn’t find the device. Same with the wd app on my phone, that doesn’t connect either.

I can see on my google wifi that the cloud is connected to internet and the IP address is correct.

Any thoughts?

Check the IP address of the My Cloud and compare it to the IP address of your computer and mobile device. Make sure they are all using the same IP address subnet. For example 192.168.1.x. Make sure all devices are using the same workgroup name. Check the router to ensure its not isolating the WiFi from the wired network, often called WiFi Isolation or wireless isolation.

What PC are you using, Windows, Apple, Linux etc? How were you able to set it up? Provide more details to include images if possible. When setting it up did you set everything up in the Dashboard?