Can't connect to My Book WE files

Macbook Pro 1.8

Snow Leopard

My Book Wold Edition 2TB Ethernet: WD20000H1NC-00

Switch Netgear GS608 [8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch]

Good connection through safari to Network Storage Manager, but a couple of days ago it got totally impossible to access the 1.5TB files that i’ve transferred into it recently. Don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but it happened when the electricity suddenly went down… but it’s strange being able to access the administration area though.

looking forward for some feedback, it’s too much information to get lost just like that!

I am having exactly the same issue with similar configuration:

MacBook Air

WD MyBook World Edition II 2 TB in Raid 1

Time Capsule 500 Mb

After a power failure, I can access all users except for the one I was connected to during the failure. Can still login with the credentials through web interface. Log shows:

 03/18 18:56:26  NaTomHD daemon.warn afpd[5241]: Warning: No CNID scheme for volume /DataVolume/Tom. Using default.

Have ~300 GB of data stored in this account. Any idea how I could at least retrieve?




Am able to connect to my private user share through Windows XP, and can also access the files through the Copy Manager so can copy them over to a USB drive.

From what I have been reading on these forums, there seems to be an issue with connecting through Airport Extreme/Time Capsule.