Cant connect to lan from wireless

Hi all,

I have an issue, for some reason, when I’m connected to the wireless network, I can reach the Intenet, but I can’t print or stream or anyhting else.

Any reason for that?

Also WD support suggested I be in AP Mode an not router mode. The reason is I have a Vonage device in front of the my n750 and it has DHCP enabled.

I don’t like that since I cannot use the features I purchased it for.

Any way to resolve this?

fwiw, I’m no expert with Vonage, but I think your Vonage device should not be connected ‘in front’ of the N750 (yellow internet socket) as you have described.

I suspect your ISP provides a modem, and Not a ‘modem router’. In which case, the N750 should be configured in ‘router mode’ and wired directly to your ISP’s modem.

If however, your ISP provides you with a ‘modem router’, then the N750 should be configured in ‘Access Point mode’ and wired directly to your ISP’s router.

This should hopefully resolve the printing and streaming issues you have described.

If you are  using a Vonage box, see link below and look at the video for ‘Install Vonage Box with a router’.

Vonage box help page

ie. connect the box to any one of the 4 black ethernet sockets on the rear of N750

 edit: minor update.

Thanks WD818

Ok, I flipped the vonage box inside the WD box and setup the WD box as the router :smiley: looking good.

Back to my WD streaming Live box. I can get on the Internet with it and get weather updates and stream youtube videos, but I still can’t get it to stream from my windows box. I was able to do that when I connected directly to the wired side.

Any ideas?


Have you previously used wireless on the WD streaming live box to stream from Windows PC before you got the N750 ?

Can I suggest you power down everything (Don’t use standby or sleep mode), then power up the modem, then N750.  Wait a few minutes then power up the Windows PC.  Wait another few minutes then finally power up the WD live box and any other wired or wireless devices.

Check you have the latest firmwre on the N750 and live box too.

I’m not familiar with WD streaming products so my only other suggestion is to perhaps ask on the WD TV live forum.

(I presume your printing problem is resolved)


I did just that. Powered everything off, then each individual device as you mentioned, and I still have the same segregation. The wireless devices can all access the Internet but not the Lan.

I had the WD Video box in front of me and mentioned it , but hadn’t testing the printing. It still fails. From the PC, I can’t browse the Lan or anything.

The WD Live box worked with no firewall rule changes.

I appriciate your help

Are you now saying the Win8 PC can’t connect to the internet too ?

What is the IP address reported by the Win8 PC ?

What is the IP address reported by the WD streaming box when using wireless ?

Ensure all your wireless devices are connected to the main wifi networks.  Do not use the Guest wifi networks on the n750.

  1. Check to ensure that all ips are inside the lan range on the router. If you have manual, static ip’s setup, it might be wrong or outside the range.

  2. If #1 is ok, then all items should be viewable provided network discovery is turned on.  If you have disabled the media server network config from sharing or discovery it will never work

  3. Please provide the os of the device holding the music, movies.  If win 7 you have to select certain options to share.

  4. Wifi and hard wire lan use the same lan IP range.  If the wd is acting as router, and all have ips inside the range, it is a pc issue not wd.  Wd is only a router, and if the previous statement is true,  it a pc issue

  5. The wd needs to be in router mode, dhcp on, etc…  unless you are it expert and know how to properly setup static ip.

  6. I have win7 as media storage and can serve all files shared to android, win7, win xp, and linux clients as well as access it remotely. 


The printer is on the wired side and it’s ip is

Guest is disabled.

I have made some changes to my network, but I did have another box that was connected wirelessly and did not connect to the printer, it was in the range

Now I have made an architecture change. In order to minimize the wires running into my house, I have added several DLink routers with DDWRT and they are running as AP repeaters but DHCP is enabled on those devices. The WD Live box did have a IP address.

I do not recall what the Win PC IP address was.

Again, I recall this was an issue with another PC prior to the architecture change.

Hope this helps


As mentioned above, the current architecture does have a different IP add space because of the repeater, but the problem also occured with a PC prior to installing the repeaters.

The WD Live box had an IP address of while the WD box is on

The media server is win7 and was working on the wired side.

The router is back in router mode.

I do not beleive this is a PC issue because I have 2 PC’s that have exhibited the same issue (unable to print or browse network) as well as the WD live box being able to access online sites such as and but unable to see the media server or browse internal network.

I’m afraid I can’t get my head around what your network diagram looks like.  Suffice to say it is not a simple single wifi router with devices wired or wirelessly connected to it, all on a single subnet as in most normal households. The N750 default IP address is on subnet and its DHCP server issues IP addresses on subnet.

You have said there appears to be two different subnets, and, and so I can’t help but think this is what is causing you problems without a better understanding of why there is a subnet.

Perhaps I have misread what you have said, but you are saying you have additional DD-WRT based repeaters   with DHCP server enabled too??

A network diagram may be useful to try and explain your network architecture.  But I would suggest you go ‘back to basics’.

Assuming the N750 is your main wifi router connected to the ISP modem.   Hook up your win8 pc, printer and WD streaming box to it, by direct cable or wifi.  Use the N750 to serve DHCP IP addresses to your win8 pc, printer and WD streaming box on the same default subnet.  It should all work.

Then slowly expand on by introducing your DD-WRT repeaters etc.  Then you will be able to identify why the problems you have witnessed are appearing.

k, hope this helps.

So here is the diagram. on the wired side I can print from the desktop and browse my network. WDN750 can Identify all systems ( I enabled parental controls this morning)

All desktops I connected in the past through WIFI will not connect to the wired side.

The WD Live box below used to work with the ethernet connection.

ok, I presume the Workstation is your Win8 PC with a network share.

The only thing out of the ordinary is you have changed the default IP address and subnet of the N750.  Your workstation (Win 8 pc) , laptop and printer are all in subnet.  I can’t see that being any problem unless you have uncovered a bug.

Ensure all your DD-WRT devices are turned off.  If your windows laptop has issues discovering and  connecting to the Win 8 pc over N750’s wifi but is fine over wired, I would check the following:

  1. check that ‘Client for Microsoft Networks’ hasn’t been turned off by reviewing the Properties of the wireless connection.

  2. review the Advanced Sharing settings in Network and Sharing Center on both the laptop and win8 PCs. 

I think the issue with your WD streaming box is perhaps due to the presence of the DD-WRT device creating a different subnet.  I believe you have said if the WD streaming box is direct ethernet connected to the N750, it can stream from the win 8 pc - it will have an IP address in subnet.  You could try amending the Public sharing profile on the Win 8 pc.

If the WD streaming box can’t browse for the Win 8 pc, does it permit you to manually (invisibly?) connect to the win 8 pc by its IP address and share name?    

With regards to your DD-WRT device, what ‘mode’ have you configured on it.  I have used DD-WRT on a DIR-615 to test a Repeater Bridge in the past, and I don’t ever recall having to turn on the DHCP server and create a 2nd subnet?  Any ethernet device connected to my DD-WRT repeater bridge was served an IP address from my main wireless router.


It’s actualy a win7 box

WD level 2 called last night ( apparently they were calling all day yesterday ). They asked me to change my WIFI key to something simple and attempt to connect to the printer. For some reason that worked. :???

Now on to tackle the WD Live box. I’ll change the DD-WRT so the AP is static withing the same subnet and disable DHCP and see where we go from there, and keep you posted.

Thanks again everyone.

You shouldn’t have to set up any static IP on the WD streaming box.

I would suggest you try Client, Client Bridge or ‘Repeater Bridge’ modes.  

DD-WRT modes

Don’t use ‘Repeater’ mode.