Can't connect outside the house

I just buy the my cloud and i can’t connect outside the house how i can do this?

Enabling remote access is explained in the user manual.

See Chapter 9 ‘Accessing Your Cloud Remotely’

You’ll also need to read about creating Users and Shares: see chapters 7 & 8

But if i want to upload with another application? thie application use FTP connection how i can do this?

As was previously indicated, read the WD My Cloud User Manual, Chapter 9.

Chapter 9 explains how to activate the FTP option. After activating the FTP option one needs to create Users since it is the User name and password that will be used by the FTP software to connect to the My Cloud. Once you activate FTP on the My Cloud you will most likely have to access your broadband router/gateway and port forward the FTP port (generally port #21) to the WD My Cloud. See your broadband router/gateway documentation for more information on how to “port forward”.

There are many FTP clients available. FileZilla is a popular free FTP client program many use.

When I try to activate remote access on my WDMyCloud 2 for user admin I get
The web access account you requested for could not be created. Ensure that you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again. (250006)
Any ideas?

If you access the WD My Cloud Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Network Profile, does the Status indicate “Internet access”? If not then your My Cloud is apparently having trouble accessing the internet in which case remote access will fail. You will need to troubleshoot why your My Cloud isn’t getting an internet connection first. One way this can happen is if one sets a static IP, but uses incorrect Gateway and DNS information in the static IP settings. If the My Cloud is configured for static IP check the values and ensure they are correct for your local network.

Internet access is on, I don’t use a static IP address.