Can't connect MyBook WE 2 (Blue Rings) on Windows7

Hi @ all,

as the title can tell, i can’t connect the MyBook WE 2 (Blue Rings) on my PC. With Windows Vista the disk worked pretty well (mionet was installed).

After the installation of Windows 7 i can’t make the disk work and since there’s no actual version of mionet for Windows 7 i ask u guys to give me a hand.

Thank u all.



In fact,you do not have to use Mionet to Share this Netdrive on your Local Network.

You can use the console page called ‘Shared Storage Manager’ to configure & map the HDD.

Get to this page by typing its Device Name in the Explorer Address Bar.IP Address will work much better!!

Configure it & map it thro SSM.

P.S. If this does not work,you may have to Reset the Netdrive by pushing the ‘button’ in the back.

        This does not delete the Data,just resets the Network Settings.

Notes-However, to access the Folders you have created via Mionet, you can do that only thro’ Mionet.

what can you do if you have forgotten the device name - how can you access the SSM?