Can't connect my WD5000AAJS


I’ve a old WD5000AAJS where I’d like to retrieve data’s.

I tried to connect using my USB adaptor.

At the beginning my Windows 7 install the driver, but then I don’t see it in the file explorer.
When I look in the devices, I can see it few seconds and then it disappear.

Do someone know how I could solve this issue?


Hello Fab117,

Have you tried connecting the drive internally?

Hi Logan,
Thank you for interest.
Yes I did.
It’s quite strange, because, I can see it in the Bios:

But doesn’t appear in the file Explorer:


And also visible in the device manager:

Can also see it in the disk management (but not with the correct size ??)

No proposal?


Still looking for a solution

Still looking for a solution.
I’ve read somewhere that the Sata connector could be different for the WD5000AAJS.
Do someone know if it’s the case?