Can't connect from the internet to my cloud mirror, just from the outside network

Hi, I can connect from my local network, is super slow, but its works. But when I try to connect from the internet show me

From the day one this device works not as expected. Sadly, I bought it in a trip so not warranty or return are an option.

Is connect to my cable modem. (from my internet provider) with cable an rj45 cable. With the App My Cloud (the blue one) I can connect from the internet without a problem. So is not that my router it is blocked in some way, but it’s impossible from a computer and a browser.

Any ideas, I’ll appreciated.

Thank you guys.


You could refer to the following link:

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately the error page only shows 2 choices. As I’ve read on your link it must be a Certificate issue. So I deleted every certificate on my Safari browser and the error remains. Also tried Firefox, Chrome and Also Opera browser (with diferent certificates I guess), and the error is the same.

Thank you again, I will keep searching about it.